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Conquer the Elements in Style with The North Face: Unveiling Outdoor Excellence Embark on a journey of outdoor excellence with The North Face, a cornerstone of our commitment at Mountain High Outfitters to provide top-tier outdoor apparel. As your premier online retailer for outdoor clothing, we invite you to explore The North Face collection, where innovative designs meet the demands of every adventure. The North Face: Where Adventure Meets Fashion The Ultimate North Face Rain Jacket Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with The North Face rain jackets. Whether you're braving a sudden downpour or preparing for a wet hiking trail, our collection of rain jackets ensures you stay dry without compromising on fashion. Explore with The North Face Recon Backpack Unleash your adventurous spirit with The North Face Recon backpacks. Engineered for durability and functionality, these backpacks are the ideal companions for backpacking, hiking, or your everyday commute. Stay organized and stylish with The North Face Recon series. The North Face Surge: Elevate Your Commute Navigate your urban jungle with The North Face Surge backpack. Packed with features for the modern commuter, the Surge series combines practicality with a sleek design, making it your go-to backpack for daily adventures. North Face Men's Outerwear: Unmatched Comfort Step into the world of North Face men's jackets, where outerwear meets unparalleled comfort. From the classic thermoball jacket to the rugged Antora jacket, our collection ensures you're prepared for any weather, whether you are conquering the trails or enjoying an outdoor coffee shop moment. Embrace the Elements with North Face Zip-Up Hoodies Warmth meets style with North Face zip-up hoodies. Perfect for cool evenings by the lake or beach, these hoodies provide the comfort and versatility you need for your outdoor lifestyle. North Face Snoga Pants: Style in Motion Experience the freedom of movement with North Face Snoga pants. Whether you're trail running, practicing yoga, or engaging in other active pursuits, Snoga pants blend style with functionality, ensuring you look good while staying active. The North Face Backpacks for Every Journey North Face Rolling Thunder: Travel with Ease Embark on your next adventure with North Face Rolling Thunder. These durable and spacious rolling duffels are designed for the avid traveler, ensuring you can explore the world with ease. North Face Backpack School Essentials Prepare for the academic year with North Face backpacks designed for school. From the stylish Recon to the functional Canyonlands, our collection caters to students of all ages. Men's and Women’s North Face Apparel Men's North Face Jackets: From Rain to Thermoball Discover the perfect men's North Face jackets for every occasion. From rain jackets to thermoball insulation, our collection ensures you're ready to face the elements in style. Women’s North Face Sweatshirt Comfort Wrap yourself in cozy comfort with women's North Face sweatshirts. Perfect for chilly days by the lake or evenings at the beach, our sweatshirts blend warmth with fashion. North Face Fleece Pullovers: Stylish Warmth Elevate your winter wardrobe with North Face fleece pullovers. Stylish and warm, these pullovers are essential for staying cozy during cold-weather adventures. North Face Crewnecks: Casual Elegance Infuse casual elegance into your wardrobe with North Face crewnecks. Ideal for everyday wear, these crewnecks seamlessly blend style with comfort. Be Part of the North Face Movement at Mountain High Outfitters Explore our online store or visit one of our sixteen locations to experience The North Face and Mountain High Outfitters in person. Immerse yourself in the in-store cultural experience and let our seasoned staff guide you to the perfect North Face piece for your lifestyle. Get ready to conquer the elements in style with The North Face. Join us at Mountain High Outfitters and be a part of the movement. Get Out. Get Active. Be Inspired. Live Your Passion!