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Howler Brothers


Everything you will need for your next camping trip.

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2023 Fall Catalog

Stay up to date on the latest itemsin our store. We deliver two catalogues a year to keep in the loop on what we are doing around here.

Embrace the Spirit of Adventure with Howler Brothers: Outdoor Apparel for the Modern Explorer

Inspired by Exploration, Crafted for Adventure

Experience the thrill of exploration with Howler Brothers' outdoor apparel designed for the modern adventurer. Our collection is inspired by the spirit of adventure and crafted with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. Whether you're hiking through rugged terrain or casting lines in remote streams, Howler Brothers gear ensures you're prepared for every outdoor pursuit with style and functionality.

Performance-Driven Design for All-Day Comfort

Stay comfortable and protected on your outdoor escapades with Howler Brothers' performance-driven apparel. Our garments are engineered with advanced fabrics and features to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable in any environment. From quick-drying shirts for hot days on the trail to insulated jackets for chilly evenings around the campfire, Howler Brothers gear is designed to enhance your outdoor experience with unmatched comfort and performance.

Vibrant Style, Authentic Personality

Express your unique personality and passion for adventure with Howler Brothers' vibrant and distinctive style. Our apparel features bold prints, vibrant colors, and playful designs that capture the essence of outdoor living. Whether you're exploring the wilderness or hanging out in the city, Howler Brothers gear allows you to stand out from the crowd and embrace your adventurous spirit with authenticity and flair.