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100 Alabama Miles Challenge

100 Alabama Miles Challenge

The Mountain High team is passionate about staying active, healthy and living your best life. That is why we are super excited about the 100 Alabama Miles Challenge, a statewide program specially designed to encourage and inspire all Alabamians to kick-start an active, healthy lifestyle while exploring our beautiful state and connecting with fellow participants. The challenge calls for all Alabamians to walk, run, hike, bike, swim, paddle, ride or roll 100 miles each year and to do so by visiting Alabama’s many wonderful parks, nature preserves, and rivers. If it sounds like a herculean task to you, then you're not alone, but if you get in just two miles each week, it’s very achievable!

The 100AMC website is a great hub for information and participation. You can use it to plan your next trip, find events, and track your miles, activity, and the places you visit. You can also create teams and compete with friends, family and co-workers who are taking the challenge. As you log your miles and visit Alabama’s amazing outdoor destinations, you will collect electronic badges along the way commemorating your accomplishments and your journey! Use #100ALMiles when you share your experiences on social media while taking the challenge. Keep up on the latest news and announcements on the 100AMC Facebook and Instagram pages. We love this confluence of fitness, community and the outdoors and hope that you'll join or share today!

>>100 Alabama Miles Challenge Website



This program is a partnership between The University of Alabama Center for Economic Development, Alabama Trails Commission, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Lakeshore Foundation, Jefferson County Department of Health, Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness and Sports, AARP, Alabama Obesity Task Force, and Alabama Department of Public Health.

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