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Mountain High & Sticker Mule Team Up!

Mountain High & Sticker Mule Team Up!

Check out our in-house designs printed by Sticker Mule.  They're great for indoors or to use as outdoor stickers, due to being completely waterproof and UV resistant. Can they help you develop your brand?  They've helped develop ours! 

Sticker Mule is here to carry the weight of your best designs.  When you order from Sticker Mule, you'll benefit. 

They offer...

Free shipping
4-day turnaround
Free online proofs

Not to mention, a bottle of their bangin' hot sauce comes with each order over $100.  Mule Sauce -- truly, a cult favorite!

Stop by your local Mountain High shop or visit us online to pick up 1 or 10 of these beautifully printed stickers from MHO and Sticker Mule!


Here's a sneak peek...






Southeast Cities


State Parks

National parks


Logo Rainbow Series

MHO Logo Rainbow


Trail Running

Trail Running



Written by Lindsay McDuffie for Mountain High Outfitters in collaboration with Sticker Mule



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