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Staff Picks for Winter

Written by: Lindsay McDuffie



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It's a new year -- grab some new gear! We've hand-picked 15 items we want you to know about before winter melts away. Click the title of each item to view and shop on our website!




The North Face

One Bag

Declutter your gear closet with this 3-in-1 solution for year-round camping. The lightweight bag rolls up as a pillow! 


North Face One Bag





Popcorn Cable Socks

A staff favorite at Mountain High for years on end, these textured sweater socks feature patterns that match almost any pant/shoe combo. For comfortable stay-at-home style and a professional, feel-good fit, stock up before they sell out!

Smartwool Popcorn Cable Socks




Puffin Coolers

Beverage Sweaters

We.can't.even. with these! A perfect gift or a simple way to amuse yourself, these sweaters, parkas, and flannels for your drink cans are an outdoor-themed product we 100% recommend and stand behind.


Puffin Coolers Beverage Sweater




Outdoor Research

Gripper GORE-TEX Convertible Gloves

The over-engineered gear pick of the season, this one's magnet system keeps the flaps in place, so whatever you're doing doesn't fall victim to constant flap interruption. There's also a separate flap for the thumb because, let's be honest, opposable thumbs are bragging rights in the animal kingdom -- better keep them toasty and ready for action. A rubber palm makes for easier wood gathering, and the GORE-TEX weatherproofing fabric simply can't be beat.

OR Men's Gripper Convertible Glove




Ankenny II Mid Boot

The Ankenny features a rubber outer toe and heel, perfect for hands-free door opening, keeping your feet better protected from fallen snow, and stopping your body from fully slipping down a treacherous, wintry hill. This feature-forward boot will make your feet an important part of the action this season.

Sorel Men's Ankenny II Mid Boot





Explorer Wraparound Blanket

Take the warmth with you! Four wooden toggles in front keep this synthetic wool blanket snug in place, so your arms and legs are free to move as your mind and heart allow. 


Wondery Explorer Wraparound Blanket





Capilene Long Underwear

Less bulk for more warmth is a governing principle at MHO! In styles and colors the whole family can use, this line of long underwear is an industry favorite, too. Save the embarrassment and cost of bulky jackets by layering these pieces underneath. 

Patagonia Capilene Long Underwear





Non-Tipping Can Cooler

A suction-cup hard coozie is what the world needs, plain and simple. Dare your kitties or clumsy boyfriend to a game of "bet you can't knock this drink over" -- and win. 


Toadfish Non Tipping Can Cooler




Mountain High Outfitters

Mix & Match Comfy Tops and Bottoms

Stretchy, soft, and complete with thumbholes, hoods, and drawstrings, our line of comfy tops and bottoms are perfect for any quarantine routine.


MHO Mix and Match Comfy Tops and Bottoms




Dry Wax Reproofing Stick

Have a wax jacket or hat that needs a touch-up?  Make this process easy with Barbour's Dry Wax Stick. Keep your waxed apparel weatherproof and looking great!


Barbour Wax Reproofing Stick




Black Diamond

Cirque Gaitors

Need extra protection while you run, hike, or shovel through snow and rain? Strap on the Cirques and make your pants and shoes come together as a cohesive waterproof unit. Soggy socks are for suckers. 


Cirque Gaitor





Toddler Kitterwibbit Jacket

 Watch your little ones fake their own extinction just to escape chore duty in this dino-inspired, fleece-lined, water-resistant jacket!


Columbia Kitterwibbit Jacket



Free People 

Nantucket Fleece

Bulky IN A GOOD WAY, this half-zip fleece features texture-contrasting bands on the sleeves with an adjustable hem drawcord to keep the weather out and your silhouette looking just the way you like. The cropped length and high neck provides all the right angles for your torso to stay warm and chic this winter.


Free People Nantucket Fleece




Organic Climbing

Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

The cold weather marks a very important time in our culture: CLIMBING SEASON. Stock up on the chalk you need and carry it in the bucket you trust. Handmade in Colorado, these extra-tough nylon buckets have all the features to keep you climbing ever further to the top.

Organic Climbing Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket




The North Face

Cuchillo Insulated Full Zip Hoodie

We're smitten with sherpa. And quilted insulation. And hoods. And North Face in general. This hoodie hits all the sweet spots!


North Face Cuchillo Hoodie




Cover Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

Written by Lindsay McDuffie for MountainHighOutfitters.com