At Mountain High Outfitters, we strive to deliver the very widest selection of women’s exercise clothes possible. Come peruse our inventory. In the women’s shorts section, you will find such excellent brands as Patagonia, Wishlist, Columbia, Mustard Seed, and Z Supply. People choose to shop at Mountain Hough Outfitters because they respect our know-how and taste. We chose each of these items based on comfort, aesthetic appeal, and athletic compatibility. Many of them are excellent options for exercising in the gym and outdoors. If you have any questions about our clothes, please do not hesitate to reach out. We love speaking with customers. Enjoy shopping, and enjoy the great outdoors.
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    Women's Zendo Shorts - 5"
    As low as $59.00
  2. Roxy
    Time To Pretend Bike Shorts
    As low as $46.00
  3. Roxy
    Oceanside Beach Short
    As low as $38.50
  4. Roxy
    New Impossible Love Beach Short
    As low as $30.00
  5. Free Fly
    Women's Stretch Canvas Short
    As low as $68.00
  6. Vuori
    Women's Clean Elevation Shorty
    As low as $54.00
  7. Patagonia
    Women's Quandary Shorts - 7"
    As low as $59.00
  8. Vuori
    Women's Studio Pocket Short
    As low as $64.00
  9. Southern Shirt
    Women's Gym Class Sweatshorts
    As low as $54.00
  10. Southern Shirt
    Women's Sincerely Soft Lounge Shorts
    As low as $40.00
  11. Southern Shirt
    Women's Lined Hybrid Shorts
    As low as $64.00
  12. Huk
    Women's Racer Short
    As low as $45.00
  13. Kuhl
    Women's Vantage Short - 4"
    As low as $65.00
  14. Free People
    Women's Get Your Flirt On Short
    As low as $40.00
  15. Z Supply
    Women's Naila Gauze Short
    As low as $58.00
  16. On Running
    Women's Sprinter Shorts
    As low as $69.99
  17. Free People
    Women's Prima Short
    As low as $68.00
  18. L SPACE
    Sunburst Biker Short
    As low as $99.00
  19. Vuori
    Women's Dash Short
    As low as $58.00
  20. Vuori
    Women's Sunnyside Short
    As low as $54.00
  21. Vuori
    Women's Vintage Ripstop Short
    As low as $58.00
  22. Aftco
    Women's Reel Boardshort
    As low as $45.00
  23. Z Supply
    Women's Gael Knit Denim Shorts
    As low as $64.00
  24. Kuhl
    Women's Trekr Short- 8"
    As low as $75.00
  25. Patagonia
    Women's Baggies - 5"
    As low as $33.00
  26. Vuori
    Women's Clementine Short
    As low as $58.00
    Women's Oahu Twill Short
    As low as $41.00
  28. On Running
    Women's Running Shorts
    As low as $79.99
  29. Free People
    Women's The Way Home Shorts
    As low as $30.00
  30. Kuhl
    Women's Trekr Short 5.5"
    As low as $70.00
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Items 1-30 of 106

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