Thick High Viscosity Body Wash

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Fact: teenage body washes are weak, watered down, and smell like a JV locker room. Simply put, they don't get the job done. Hard-working men require a shower of substance to accomplish a full day's work.

That's why Duke Cannon's THICK is formulated with a noticeably higher viscosity and built to work effectively on your body, not spew down the shower drain.

Naval Supremacy features a crisp, masculine blend of fresh water, open-air, and bergamot.

Our latest scent is inspired by our favorite place on earth, The Buffalo Trace Distillery. Notes of amber combine with a woodsy, oak barrel foundation for a rich scent that smells as good as bourbon tastes.


3X THICKER than teenage body wash
Plant-based thickeners for superior lather
Does not smell like you had one too many at the pub.
Woodsy, oak barrel scent with notes of amber
Mineral enriched to naturally exfoliate
Contains Aloe vera to hydrate and protect
Bonus: no loofah required
Paraben, phthalate, and cruelty-free
Size: 17.5 oz.

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