ENO hammock living
Get the most out of your summer by hitching up an ENO hammock everywhere and anywhere you heart desires! Hammocks are comfortable, come in cool color schemes, and are a great way to get outside and create awesome memories with friends.  In case the picture above doesn't make you want to run for the mountains or to your favorite watering hole with hammock in hand, maybe some of these hammock benefits will!

  • ICEBREAKER - When you set up your hammock in a common area, it's totally possible that others will take a cue from you and set up their own. Your ENO will serve as a great conversation starter with other proud ENO owners and those who are interested in getting into the hammock lifestyle. Bascially you need to be prepared to be an ENO ambassador at any point because you didn't choose the hammock lifestyle, the hammock lifestyle chose you!

  • RELAX - Hammocks can get you to that "Aweeee" moment faster by reducing stress levels in your body. While you're relaxing, your body will have time to repair muscle aches, backaches, jointaches, and all the other aches of the like. So by the time you have to pack up and retreat home, you'll feel even better than when you arrived.

  • ADVENTURE - Owning a hammock will immediately make you more adventurous. Once you've conquered your local go-to spots, you'll want to explore more and soak up new places. With your hammock as your guide, you'll be forced to go out and explore. Add a little adventure to your life!
  • CIRCULATION - Your upper body is elevated when laying down in a hammock, which allows for your blood to circulate better while your breathing and congestion remains unobstructed.

  • SLEEP - Everyone knows that the amount and quality of sleep you get all directly influence your productivity and longevity. Since hammocks are completely suspended, that means that your body won't be subjected to any pressure points and you will wake up more refreshed and ready for whatever the day wants to throw at you.

You totally want an ENO hammock now, don't you? We don't blame you! That's why we offer an awesome selection of hammocks and suspension systems to fit your needs.

Chilling the day away in a ENO hammock

ENO Hammocks come in a SingleNest or a DoubleNest. Simply put, a SingleNest is meant to comfortably hold a single person while the DoubleNest is meant to hold, you guessed it: two people. These hammocks are constructed out of a breathable, quick-drying nylon with heavy-duty, triple-stitched seams for durability. Aluminum wiregate carabiners are fixed at both ends and the whole hammock fits into an attached bag for easy transport. Both are capable of holding up to 400 lbs.

ENO Doublenest Orange and Violet

Things to keep in mind:

ONE:   Color scheme may not be as pictured. In an attempt to reduce waste, ENO uses all the fabric they have available. So what the picture shows as the body color, may be the trim color.

TWO:   Hammocks come equipped with carabiners that can attach to clip on points, but suspension systems are sold seperately. 

Atlas Suspension System
Mountain High Outfitters offers the Helios Suspension System, Helios XL Suspension SystemAtlas Suspensions System, and the Slapstrap Suspension System. These tree-friendly suspension systems feature wide straps made out of nylon/polyester and minimize damage to bark. When you have a suspension system you can let your imagination run wild and find a different way to set up your hammock every time you go out!

Alright, so we've given you the information, Mountain High Outfitters has the tools to get your hammock lifestyle into gear, and I suppose the last thing that we need to know is:

What are you waiting for?

Get out! Be Active!